Internet Solutions
Experience the results of our award winning and industry leading solutions.
{ Award winning and Unique Ebusiness Solutions }
Consulting Solutions

- Online Concept Design & Development
- E-business Analysis
- Consulting, Planning and Strategies

Web & Interactive Design

- Website Design, Upgrade & Expansion
- Website Maintenance and Management

Advanced Web Services

- Database Driven Websites
- Programming & Client/Server Software
- Online stores and e-commerce.
- Intranets, Extranets, Portals
- Web-based Applications
- Forums, Chat, Video & Audio Streaming
- Flash / Director / Shockwave Animation
- Internet Graphics and Animation Adverts

Our Development team will work in almost any programming language based on your needs, and that suits your business environment to achieve effective Business Integration.

You receive Professional Software development & Programming for distributed sites, internal networks or stand alone operations.

- Lingo
- Flash and ActionScript
- HTML, CGI, Perl, CSS, SQL, Java
- C, Java Script, PHP, CFML, .NET
- Active Server Pages
- SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access
- and much more.

Utilize this technology for:

E-commerce and Order processing
Investor relations
Customer Relationship Management
Corporate Communications
Education and Training
Interactive Advertising
product catalogues
Sales Support
Product Demonstration
Human Resource Management

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